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gore_sports's Journal

Gore Sports - Making Up Fake Fights Since 1992
Bloomington vs. Normal
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Fake deathmatches between fictional characters and/or famous people
What is this?

This is Gore Sports, the premiere fake promotion for fake fights between (usually) fake combatants.  The community you see before you is the outgrowth of a weekly "Fight Night" feature I was doing on my own journal, and when it got too big I moved it here.

I, your humble host, will post several features here, which will mostly involve an imaginary scenario where two (or more!) people are battling to the death (or worse), and then you get to vote on who (if anyone) should win.

Haven't I seen this before?

Of course you have.  The art of dreaming up fake fights has been around since antiquity, back when old-timey guys would wonder if Odysseus could kick Aeneas's ass.  The concept probably enjoyed its most widespread exposure on MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch, although my favorite format remains the WWWF Grudge Match from the infancy of the Internet.  This doohickey is closest to the Grudge Match in design, but they stopped doing it and they never used any of my awesome ideas, so there's plenty of room for more.

How can I participate?

Mostly you just vote on the outcomes, and if you want you can lobby others to join your cause however you see fit.  There's also the annual Bash Wars mega-event, in which readers can submit combatants for a single-elimination tournament to decide the best of the best.  I'm sure there'll be other things like that in the future as well.  More details to come.

What's up with "Both Maimed and Killed"?

Throughout the history of the Fight Night feature, voters have had the option of voting for a rather violent form of "none of the above" in which all combatants are maimed and killed.  This began as a misremembered tribute to the "Both Mangled and Killed" option used to great effect in Grudge Match's classic Barney the Dinosaur vs. Wesley Crusher contest.  (At the time, a three-option poll was cutting-edge technology in the world of fake fighting--we've come a long way, baby.)  I basically started doing all this because I would often talk about "voting for both maimed and killed" and nobody ever got the reference, so I had to invent a reason for people to know what I'm talking about.

"Both Maimed and Killed" is a controversial feature because it has led to a lot of sister-kissing ties, and yet I maintain that sometimes you gotta go with your heart and say everybody loses.  Currently we employ a "50% rule" in which "Both Maimed and Killed" does not go into effect unless it has garnered more than half of the total votes--in other words, the majority of the voters must effectively reject the entire scenario.
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